Kickstart Your Book Launch WITHOUT Stressing About Social Media

Discover 3 simple steps that ALL successful authors employ no matter the social media landscape

September 23rd 2023
At 10:00PM Europe/Stockholm (+01:00)

Introducing Your Speaker:

Lisa Ferland, Crowdfunding Consultant for Authors

After launching her first $10k campaign on Kickstarter and then helping over 100 other authors do the same, Lisa discovered that her positive energy and spirit is best served when helping others achieve their dreams. By training, she is a very analytical person—by experience, and she has discovered how the energy and support authors need when crowdfunding their books. If you need a bit of hand-holding through the crowdfunding process, then Lisa's step-by-step coaching and program will help you achieve your publishing goals—all while maintaining your creativity, setting your own budget, and marketing in a way that feels best for you. 

Your Training Starts In...

In this 46-minute online webinar, you will discover…

    • Discover how to build an audience for your book in a constantly-changing social media landscape
    • Learn the ins and outs of successful book crowdfunding campaigns -- all done differently so you can find the approach that resonates best with you
    • Get expert guidance on how to craft a winning crowdfunding strategy that works for your unique needs and goals
    • Reduce your risk of failure by knowing the crucial milestones and timelines you need to reach before you launch your campaign
    • And that's just the start! Join me for a fun and informative webinar that will give you the tools and confidence you need to bring your book to life.