Discover how launching your book on Kickstarter can be rewarding for both you AND your readers WITHOUT having to nag your friends or family to back your campaign

Discover 3 straightforward steps that help children's book authors consistently raise over $10k on Kickstarter, cover their expenses, and feel organized and in control of their campaign launch.This webinar provides case studies of fellow authors, describes various crowdfunding approaches and marketing strategies, and insights into how children's book authors are taking novel approaches to launching their books on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

August 8th 2022
At 8:15AM Europe/Stockholm (+01:00)

Introducing Your Speaker:

Lisa Ferland, Crowdfunding Consultant for Authors

Lisa Ferland has been helping authors launch their books on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo in new and exciting ways since 2017.

She believes you can build a positive relationship with your readers by offering unique rewards that go beyond your book. 

By asking your readers for their input, they'll become your biggest fans, early adopters, and advocates to help you succeed.

She believes in harnessing outside-of-the-box thinking to give your readers something special from their favorite author.

All it takes is a little determination and creativity.

Let Lisa show you how placing your readers at the heart of your crowdfunding campaign is the key to crowdfunding your children's book.

Your Training Starts In...

In this 46-minute online webinar, you will discover…

    • Why Kickstarter is a powerful marketing vehicle to launch your book and offers a huge return-on-your effort in terms of organizing your book launch
    • Why having a strategy in place BEFORE you launch is crucial to a successful campaign 
    • How to feel EXCITED about your crowdfunding strategy that fits YOUR needs AND aligns with what excites your readers
    • How to reduce the RISK of failure by knowing which milestones you need to reach before you launch
    • And that's only the beginning...