Build an audience, engage your readers, and fund your book without feeling awkward

Crowdfund Your Next Book Beyond
Your Friends and Family

If you've seen other authors successfully crowdfund their books on Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and BackerKit and are wondering, "How on earth are they doing that?!" then you'll want to hop into this webinar.

Inside this FREE webinar, I'll address the essential elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign for your book by building
an audience BEYOND your immediate network.

You'll get my methods on how to authentically build your audience, engage with your readers,
and build excitement for a great launch day that have helped >100 authors.

And that's only the beginning...

  • Get strategies successful authors are using to crowdfund $10k and more

  • How one author used THIS unique approach to motivate her biggest supporters to pledge on launch day

  • Hard numbers - ROI for a crowdfunding campaign vs. a traditional launch

  • Campaign insights for children's book authors, non-fiction/memoir, and novelists!

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Why Crowdfund Your Book At All?

Hi! I'm Lisa Ferland and I've been helping authors launch crowdfunding campaigns for their books since 2017. Your book's crowdfunding campaign is really a super-charged marketing blitz. The process requires a lot of work building, engaging, and preparing your audience before you launch, but the payoff can be huge!

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Backer Kit, and IndieGoGo allow you to organize your readers and drive them to select the best rewards for them to help bring your book to life.

Join this webinar and the countless authors who are learning what a powerful launch method this is for their next book. See you inside!

Proven crowdfunding launch strategies for authors to maximize your launch day and supercharge your campaign!

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