Crowdfund $10k for your book on Kickstarter WITHOUT having a huge audience on social media

Learn about my 3-step method that helps authors consistently raise over $10k on Kickstarter

October 4th 2022
At 10:45AM Europe/Stockholm (+01:00)

Introducing Your Presenter:

Lisa Ferland, crowdfunding consultant for authors

Lisa Ferland has been helping authors launch their books on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo in new and exciting ways since 2017.

Build a positive relationship with your readers by offering unique rewards that go beyond your book. 

Harness outside-of-the-box thinking to give your readers something special from their favorite author.

All it takes is a little determination and creativity.

Your Training Starts In...

In this 46-minute “No Cost” online training, you will discover…

      • How the simple yet effective Lunar Launch Method will help you build a crowdfunding strategy for your book in 90 days without having to beg your friends and family to buy your book
      • Why relying on influencers to share your campaign isn’t the answer and the much more reliable methods that allow you to launch your book’s Kickstarter campaign with confidence
      • Why some marketing strategies crowdfunding authors use can feel a bit like throwing spaghetti at the wall and why strategies that work for one author may not work for you.  
      • Learn what it takes to build a sustainable authorship business with long-term marketing skills and expertise that will serve you for the lifetime of your books. 
      • And that's only the beginning...